A Statement from USITT on Anti-Asian Violence

USITT condemns anti-Asian rhetoric, harassment and violence and stands in solidarity with our Asian American and Pacific Islander members, industry partners, colleagues and all those who were affected by the recent killings in Atlanta.  We are saddened by this attack, ending the lives of eight people, six of whom were Asian women.  The shootings in Atlanta and other attacks against the AAPI community happening across the country are fueled by a climate that has discriminated against this community for years.

USITT acknowledges that historically inequitable structures exist that have contributed to the anti-Asian climate that remains today.  Moving forward USITT commits to the creation of equitable spaces, embraces the diverse experiences, and will work to uplift and to encourage a dialog of multiple perspectives that will include the AAPI community throughout the entertainment industry.  We commit to pursue the best in our profession, our industry and most importantly ourselves.  This includes our Asian American Pacific Islander partners in the Performing Arts Design and Technology community.

Dan Culhane
President, USITT