BACKstage Exam

What is it?

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Assess. Advocate. Achieve.

The BACKstage technical theatre exam sets your students up for success in college or career, and helps you secure resources and recognition for your program.

By defining and assessing the basic knowledge and skills an entry-level entertainment technician should possess when entering the workforce or a higher education training program, the BACKstage exam and its resource materials are a game-changer for technical theatre students.

Whether at the high school, state CTE program, college/university, or professional technology industry level, BACKstage offers comprehensive assessment of basic technical theatre skills.


  • Gain broader CTE recognition for technical theatre as a viable career path for students seeking to enter the workforce after graduation.
  • Have greater leverage for CTE funding from public and private agencies.
  • Gain a clearer understanding of instructional needs and resources necessary to ensure comprehensive learning in technical theatre (and advocate for them to your administrators).
  • Use results as an indicator of your program’s quality.


BACKstage Registration details and costs - Take a sample test.

Resource & Study Guides - These resources and study guides are not intended to replace a curriculum, but could help instructors broaden an existing curriculum. 

Student Data Collection – Parental Permission Form - If your school requires that parents are notified of names and emails being shared with a 3rd party per FERPA, you may use this form to collect this. All data is protected and not shared beyond purposes of evaluation of test.

Testing Protocol Document  - The testing protocol doc is for you and your proctors to administer the test. We recognize that schools/students continue to use distance learning either part or full time. 

Proctor/Security Agreement  - The security agreement outlines our expectations for protecting the proprietary information we have developed for this test.

How to access your exam - Instructions for your students to access exam.

Please allow two weeks for USITT National Office to contact you when registering a group.

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