USITT Membership Changes

How is USITT Membership changing?

Nothing about your USITT Membership is changing except for how we account for it. To better align our membership structure with generally accepted accounting principles, we need to attribute your member payment over the term of your membership. The easiest way for us to do that is to align your "member year" with USITT's fiscal year. 

How is my Membership payment going to differ?

As of November 1, 2023, all USITT Memberships purchased will expire on June 30, 2024. You will only be able to purchase an eight-month member term in November, a seven-month term in December, etc. In the spring, you will be able to renew your USITT Membership for a full year, July 1, 2024 to June 30, 2025.

What about Monthly Subscription Memberships?

Nothing changes at all. Your credit card on file will be charged at the beginning of the month just as it has been.

I just purchased a USITT Membership -- or renewed my USITT Membership -- and it expires after June 30, 2024, am I losing months off of my Membership?

No. If you have already purchased a Membership that expires after June 30, 2024, your NEXT renewal will be prorated for the number of months you have already paid for. 

Are there more changes coming the USITT Membership?

Yes. At USITT24 in Seattle, we plan to roll out a number of new USITT Member features and benefits that will begin in FY25, which begins July 1, 2024. 

Are USITT Membership rates going up after the change takes place on July 1, 2024?

Yes. And no! USITT has not raised its Membership rates since 2019 and a new rate structure with a small increase across most categories will go into effect on July 1. However, some categories will see their rates go down. For renewing members, we will be offering a chance to continue next year's membership at this year's rates if you renew before July 1. We will be sending you information on how to take advantage of this offer after USITT24 concludes.

How can I make sure I get news about upcoming USITT Membership opportunities?

Take a moment and visit your USITT Profile and make sure your email address and your postal address are both up-to-date. Make sure to add any emails that come from a address to your allowlist. 

I have additional questions, how do I get in touch with someone to ask my question?

Just click the red button below and someone from our Membership Team will get back to you as soon as possible.