2019 Board Meeting in Houston

Institute Committees

The Corporation shall have Committees of the Board as designated in this Article VI. Committees of the Board shall include only current Board members and may be authorized by the Board of Directors to act on its behalf in any matter not specifically prohibited by the Corporation’s Certificate of Incorporation or by law. The Board of Directors may also designate from time to time any number of Committees of the Corporation, by resolution adopted by a majority of the Board. Committees of the Corporation may include members, Directors, and staff and shall not have the power to bind the Board.

(from the USITT Bylaws, as amended, effective July 1, 2022, Article VI)

Committees of the Board

Committees of the Corporation

Appointments to Committees of the Corporation are in keeping with the Bylaws, as amended, but acknowledging the associated period of the transition, each committee shall have an opportunity to approach the Governance Committee with a recommendation for a different Committee member to serve as chair during FY2023.