TD&TThe journal of USITT, Theatre Design & Technology, is published five times per year by the Institute as a benefit to its members. The Portfolio issue, which debuted in 2020, is the only issue which is not available online to members.

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Read Thomas Renner's article, Safety From the Ground Up, exploring the demands of new stage technologies from the architectural and engineering standpoint while keeping performers, audience members, and theatre employees safe, from the Winter 2021 edition.

Read Taylor Leigh Lamb's article, Racism in the Theatre, from the Summer 2020 edition.

USITT is pleased to make available the Willard F. Bellman Digital Archive, an online library of the complete TD&T catalogue, dating back to Issue No. 1 in May 1965 for historical reference and research. The Bellman Archive is available to members only. To access, click on the links for the latest edition. Once your membership is authenticated, you will find ARCHIVE located in the top right menu in the TD&T portal.

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