USITT Architecture Commission

The Architecture Commission’s mission is to promote the understanding of the architect’s role in the design of theatres and performance spaces and to provide an architectural resource for members and the professional community on theatre design.

Commission Leadership 

Commissioner                                     Dave Vieira

VC of Programming                            Bradley Fritz

VC Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion    

VC History and Heritage                     Topher Skulley

VC Awards                                           William Murray

OISTAT Representative                       Greg Cook

VC Special Projects                             Evan Delli Paoli

updated 09-20-21

Architecture Awards Program

The USITT Architecture Awards Program recognizes, both publicly and professionally, architectural projects that provide design excellence and the ability to resolve design challenges present in large and small projects for old and new theatres. These challenges can be aesthetic, regulatory, technical, or operational challenges.

Since 1994, Honor Awards (the highest designation) and Merit Awards have been presented at the Awards Banquet culminating at the Annual Conference & Stage Expo. Application forms are distributed each fall and submissions are reviewed by a jury.

ASTC USITT Student/Consultant Venue Renovation Challenge 

It is not too early to start planning for this challenge, which allows students (graduate or undergraduate) to gain experience with performance venue design and renovation.

Architectural and Theatre Student Design Competition 

Theatre students become “the Client” and architectural students become “the Designer” in the Architectural and Theatre Students "Ideal Theatre" Design Competition. The students work together as a team to design their university’s ideal theatre.