Herbert D. Greggs Awards

The Herbert D. Greggs Awards promote innovative, in-depth writing about theatre design and technology in TD&T. Merit awards are also given.

Herbert D. Greggs Award (highest honor) and the Herbert D. Greggs Merit Award promote innovative, in-depth writing about theatre design and technology in TD&T. Named in honor of a highly-regarded former USITT General Manager, the Herbert D. Greggs Award was first given in 1979. The "Merit Awards" began in 1998.

Judging Criteria

All full-length articles published within the volume year are eligible, with the following exceptions: articles and editorials written by employees of the Institute, book reviews, obituaries, and product reviews.

The winning article will demonstrate clear, logical thinking, artistic insight, and exceptional writing and/or illustrating ability. Preference is given to articles which investigate new areas of design and technology, or provide new insight into existing knowledge.

USITT Honors and Awards Policy




Past Winners


Honor: Anastasia Goodwin
"The Costume History Classroom as Laboratory" Fall 2022

Honor: Brant Thomas Murray and Dr. K. Camille Murray
"Placing Emotional Intelligence Center Stage" Winter 2023

Merit: Naoko Skala
"Introducing Joruri Puppetry" Winter 2023

Merit: Mark Reaney
"Teaching Lighting Design with Computer Modeling" Fall 2022


Honor: Yoshi Tanokura
"Millions of Shared Ideas in One Brush Stroke," Spring 2021

Skye Strauss
"The Working of a Wild Mind," Winter 2021


Honor: Deepsikha Chatterjee
“Ahariya Aesthetics,” Summer 2020

Merit: Frank Ludwig
"Is Now When We Panic?," Winter 2020

Merit: Byron Harrison
"Precedents for an Unprecedented Time," Summer 2020


Honor: Caitlyn Garrity
"Building a Better Workplace," Summer 2019

Merit: Sandra Goldmark
"Circular Design and Production," Winter 2019

Merit: John Huntington
"Bridging Art and State-of-the-Art," Summer 2019


Honor: Maarit Kalmakurki
"The King and His Costumes

Merit: Ted Krauss
"Critical Thinking and Decision Making"

Merit: Jessica Hansen
"Theatre Artist by Day, Cosplayer by Night"


Honor: Kim Poppiti 
"Hamilton's Turntable and Ring Stage" , Winter 2017

Merit: Deanna Fitzgerald
"Meditate on This", Winter 2017


Honor: Alexandra Bonds & Susan Tsu 
“Costume Design Gets Its Due”, Winter 2016

Merit: Christianne Myers
“Devised Theatre: An Ancient Story, a Uniquely Modern Space”, Winter 2016

Stephen Hitchcock & Matt Lathrop
“Supersized Video”, Summer 2016


Honor: Mervyn Heard
“Dressed in Light: The Ancient Art of Projection on People”, Fall 2014

Margaret Mitchell
“Wood and Canvas (and Rabbit Glue) in the Modern World”, Summer 2015

Merit: Betsy Adams
“Spotlight on Women in Lighting”, Summer 2015