Oscar G. Brockett Golden Pen Award

Nominations are Open

Oscar G. Brockett Golden Pen Award, sponsored by USITT and the Oscar G. Brockett Center for Theatre History and Criticism at the University of Texas - Austin, honors an outstanding publication in the field of design and production for the performing arts. The recipient of this award, first given in 1986, is the author of an outstanding, major, recent publication in the field of design and production for the performing arts.

The winning works are significant in the field of performing arts and are outstanding examples of one or more of the following:

  • Scholarly research and critical thinking
  • Presentation of the work and methodology of exceptional practitioners for theatrical arts and/or crafts
  • Description of the methods, skills, and technology involved in creating works of theatre and/or crafts

Detailed eligibility and guidelines can be found here.

Nominations for the Oscar G. Brockett Golden Pen Award may be made year-round. Any nomination received on or after July 1 will be considered for the next year’s award.

USITT Honors and Awards Policy Golden Pen Nomination Guidelines




Past Winners


James Glavan & Beverly Gore Norcross

Stage Makeup 11th Edition


Alexandra Bonds

Beijing Opera Costumes: The Visual Communication of Character and Culture


Karen Maness and Richard Isackes

The Art of Hollywood


John E. Bowlt

Russian Avant-Garde Theatre: War, Revolution and Design


Arnold Aronsen

Ming Cho Lee: A Life in Design


Christin Essin

Stage Designers in Early Twentieth-Century America


Peter McKinnon and Eric Fielding

World of Scenography, 1975-1990


Richard Pilbrow

A Theatre Project


John Loring

Joseph Urban