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Board of Directors Nomination

USITT Board of Directors Nomination Form

This comprehensive application form must be completed by all potential Board candidates. Please read thoroughly before submitting a nomination. The USITT Nominations Committee asks the questions because we value who you are. While some of these questions are optional, we ask that you provide as much information as you are comfortable sharing.

Board members are expected to uphold the Mission and core values of the organization. They are as follows:

USITT Mission

The United States Institute for Theatre Technology, Inc. (USITT) connects performing arts design and technology communities to ensure a vibrant dialogue among practitioners, educators, and students.

Core Values of USITT

  • Inclusion - Acknowledging the inequitable structures established by the dominant culture, and the industry's conscious or unconscious participation in these unjust systems, USITT commits to the ongoing struggle to create equitable spaces, to embrace diverse experiences, and to uplift and encourage multiple perspectives.
  • Excellence - Recognizing the need for continuous pursuit of the very best in our profession, our industry, and our Institute, USITT cultivates innovation in education, research, and safety.
  • Responsibility - Embracing a long-standing imperative to serve, USITT provides value through year-round activities, elevates the work of individuals and organizations, and heightens accountability to our members and the industry.

Role & Responsibilities of Board Members

According to the Institute Bylaws, each member of the USITT Board of Directors is charged with the responsibility to advise, govern, oversee policy and direction, and assists with the leadership and general promotion of the Institute so as to support its mission and needs. Board members are elected by the membership to serve the Institute, each for a three- year term, renewable for one additional term, with two exceptions: the office of the President (non-renewable) and the Immediate Past President (by virtue of previous office). Officers are Directors who are elected to specific positions that hold additional responsibilities beyond those shared by all Board members.

The USITT Board of Directors is solely a governance body and all operational components of the Institute lie under the direction of the Executive Director.

Each member of the Board of Directors shall be a member in good standing of the Corporation, attend all called Board meetings and the Annual Conference of the Institute.

Positions Available in This Cycle: Four (4) Director Positions; No Officer Positions are Available for Nomination

Please read carefully the position descriptions, qualifications, and expectations outlined below before submitting a nomination form.

Position Description

Directors of the Board are tasked to advise and oversee USITT policies and direction of the Institute. They review and act on the annual budget of the Institute; prepare for, attend, and participate in virtual and in-person board meetings and retreats; vote on awards, bylaws changes, committee related business, etc.; actively participate on Board committees, and as chair of a Board Committee, Directors will communicate regularly through annual reports and meeting minutes. All Directors are to abide by the Institute’s Code of Ethics, Conflict of Interest, and Confidentiality policies. Directors are to ensure that confidential information is treated responsibly and is not disclosed. Directors are encouraged to professionally express one’s opinion during Board discussions and debates, but then speak with one voice regarding final decisions by the Board.


Directors of the Institute must have participation in USITT leadership activities (e.g. commission leadership, exhibitorship, committee service, regional section leadership) for a minimum of three years. They are active in their participation and/or experience in live entertainment-related industry or academic program as a designer, technician, or production-related manager. Directors must have a basic understanding of not-for-profit and/or member organizations. All Directors must be willing and available to commit to a three-year term of elected office, subject to Article IV, Section 2, of USITT Bylaws.


Directors are to promote the mission and needs of the Institute. They are to serve as ambassadors both within and beyond the membership. Directors are encouraged to think strategically about immediate and long-term impacts and sustainability of the Institute. They are to recognize and advocate for opinions other than one’s own and create and maintain a welcoming, equitable, and inclusive environment in all Institute activities. Directors must participate and build relationships with members, prospective members, and donors while advocating for the Institute. They are to seek awareness of entertainment industry trends and activities, particularly regarding how the Institute can support members. Directors must be willing to commit to annual financial contributions to the Institute at a level of each member’s comfort and ability.

Please fill out this form in its entirety. Forms cannot be submitted with required fields left blank. Demographic information is not required, but provision of this information is encouraged. Look over the form and gather necessary documents prior to filling out the form. You are unable save an incomplete form. Nominations will be accepted until Aug. 15, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. EDT. The Nominations Committee, at its sole discretion, may choose to accept or reject any nominations received after the posted date.

Nominee's Name
Have you previously been nominated to serve on the Board of Directors?

Board Positions Available for Nomination

There are four (4) Director positions open in this Board class. There are no Board Officer positions available for nomination.

Contact Information
Regional Section Membership
Please indicate USITT Regional Section affiliation.
NOTE: Regional Section membership is not required for nomination or for Board service.
Indicate what speciality (or specialities) that you are most closely associated with. Check all that apply.
Speciality Area
Costume Design & Technology
Digital Media
Lighting Design & Technology
Make-up and Hair Design & Technology
Projection Design & Technology
Safety & Health
Scenic Design & Technology (includes properties, scenic painting)
Sound Design & Technology
Technical Production
Theatre History & Criticism
Venue Management

Professional Activities

Using the individual sliders below, please indicate where you spend the majority of your professional activities on a percentage scale. Your final answers should equal 100%.

Required Documents

Please upload the following documents using the portals indicated below:
1. Employment Experience (resumé, CV, or listing of work experience)
2. USITT Experience (such as volunteer work, positions held, sessions or presentations given)
3. Personal Statement of Nomination (What makes you an ideal candidate for the Board of Directors?)
4. Nomination Letter [not required] (Written by someone other than yourself and speaks to your experience and qualifications)
5. A Recent Headshot
Please see Additional Instructions (below) for more details.
Please limit both Employment Experience and USITT Experience documents to two pages. 
  • USITT Experience document should include a listing of past participation/attendance, activities and/or leadership roles in the Institute. Be sure to include international, national and regional section activities.
  • Please limit Statement of Nomination to 500 words. This is a personal statement detailing your desire to serve in a particular position on the Board of Directors. Please make sure to list what two or three qualities that bring to the role that would positively impact your ability to fulfill a leadership role on the Board.
  • Nomination Letter (optional) should speak to your experience and qualifications as they apply to Board service. This optional letter should be written by a person nominating you for service on the Board.
  • These statements will not appear on the ballot. Nominees chosen for the ballot will have an opportunity to write statements for the ballot at a later date.
One file only.
100 MB limit.
Allowed types: txt, rtf, pdf, doc, docx, odt, ppt, pptx, odp, xls, xlsx, ods.
One file only.
100 MB limit.
Allowed types: txt, rtf, pdf, doc, docx, odt, ppt, pptx, odp, xls, xlsx, ods.
One file only.
100 MB limit.
Allowed types: txt, rtf, pdf, doc, docx, odt, ppt, pptx, odp, xls, xlsx, ods.
One file only.
100 MB limit.
Allowed types: txt, rtf, pdf, doc, docx, odt, ppt, pptx, odp, xls, xlsx, ods.
One file only.
100 MB limit.
Allowed types: gif, jpg, png.

Professional Conduct Disclosure

To be a candidate for a United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT) award, honor, or governance position, you will be required to complete an online Professional Conduct Disclosure statement no later than a date determined by the Nominations Committee. You may read the disclosure form text here.


Once form is complete and all attachments uploaded, please complete the CAPTCHA and click SUBMIT.
By clicking submit, you are placing your name in consideration for nomination to the USITT Board of Directors and, if you are chosen as a nominee, you agree to complete and return the Professional Conduct Disclosure statement prior to the publication of the ballot.