eSET Projection

eSET Level 2 - Projections Exam

The Online Exam (with its prerequisite Basic Terms & Safety Exam) may be taken at any time. To do so follow these steps:

  1. Register in the online testing portal. (remember the user name and password you create).
  2. Click on "Innova Online Learning" located on the usitt site menu (you must be logged in).
  3. Navigate to your classroom and select the chosen exam.
  4. Successfully complete the exam in the 40 minute allotted time period,

There will be 3 attempts available for you to take the exam. Once you have made the 3 attempts and/or passed the exam, there will be no attempts remaining. Therefore if the first attempt is unsuccessful, we suggest referring to resources in the chosen topics to brush up on reading before repeating the exam. 

What is covered on the online exam? The online exam is a set of 100 questions randomly chosen by the system from a larger pool. The questions are multiple choice and multiple answer questions covering a wide range of topics.

  • Knowledge of video distribution and communication protocols
  • Identification of video connectors
  • Understanding of display systems and video content
  • Basic math in calculating lens ratios and image size
  • Knowledge of industry terminology

When an online exam has been successfully completed, you will receive a certificate in your classroom. Please contact us at if you cannot find a certificate. This email and certificate are your admission to the practical exam.  Do not register for the practical exam until you have this certificate.

The Practical Exam will be given at various times throughout the year including the USITT Annual Conference & Stage Expo. It shall be proctored by third party companies.


What is covered on the practical exam?

The eSet Projections Test will consist of five sections demonstrating the skills of an entry level projection technician. 

  • Set up a video system according to design
  • Network addressing and communication
  • Position and focus projection
  • Set and strike portable projection screen
  • Troubleshoot video system

Successful completion of the practical exam is the highest level of eSET skills proof. To show your completion you will be mailed a second certificate noting both online and practical completion and a pin which you should wear as proof of your skill set.

The Online and Practical Projection Exams were created by a group of working professionals from a variety of organizations.

The skills working group consists of:

  • Davin Gaddy – Committee Chair
  • Joshua Weisberg
  • Jorge Salomone
  • Monte Davis
  • Erik Koehler
  • Daniel Fine
  • Peter Thompson