USITT Engineering Commission

The Engineering Commission allows members to exchange information on the engineering aspects of the entertainment industry and promotes the advancement and practical application of technology and standards.

Commission Leadership:

Commissioner                                                             Justin Bennett

VC of Programming                                                    Mike Adamovich

VC for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion                       Vacant

VC for History and Heritage                                        Jerrold Gorrell

VC for Special Projects                                                Kimberly Corbett Oates

VC for Interactive Exhibits                                          Brian Smallwood

Coordinator for International Activities                     Mitch Hefter

Coordinator for Communications                              Lesley Boeckman

Coordinator for Publications                                      Jerrold Gorrell

Coordinator for NFPA NEC Panel 15 (Principal)         Wendy Russell

Coordinator for NFPA NEC Panel 15 (Alt)                   Steve Terry

Liaison for ESTA Technical Standards Program          Robert Haycock

Student Liaison                                                           Nadia Alexander


updated 09-20-2021


  • Create, design, outline, produce, and locate educational programs, sessions, and classes concerning technical procedures and practices for all trades and crafts of the entertainment industry and make them available to USITT Regional Sections, Student Chapters, and other entertainment organizations.
  • Initiate projects that disseminate equipment specifications, design, and construction, as well as Standards and Recommended Practices.
  • Work closely with other USITT Commissions, Committees, and outside industry groups including, but not limited to ESTA.


  • USITT Standards Development
    • The Commission works closely with the Standards Committee to verify that the requirements for approval have been met in the developing, revising, reaffirming, or withdrawing USITT Standards, Guidelines, or Recommended Practices.
  • DMX512 (Digital Data Transmission Standard for Dimmers and Controllers)
    • This standard, originally developed in 1986 and revised in 1990, describes a method of digital data transmission between controllers and dimmers.
  • NEC
    • The Commission is actively involved with the tri-annual revision process used to update the National Electrical Code (NEC). Additional information concerning NEC is available on USITT's NEC page.
  • Qualified Stage Electrician & Stage Hand