Dick Durst

Dick Durst

Your favorite USITT memory?

Sharing a programming session with Will Bellman, when I was three years into teaching.  He was so gracious and generous with his time, as we both were doing steel fabrication of scenery – a new initiative at the time.


Short list of your career highlights:

  • President of OISTAT;
  • scenery design for around 150 productions for regional/academic theatres;
  • co-designer of US Prague Quadrennial entry in 1999;
  • current College president of Baldwin-Wallace College in Ohio.


Short list of your involvement in the institute:

Several offices in USITT, including VP for Conferences and President; Chair of Northern Boundary section, USITT Fellow.


Short list of the memorable USITT characters that have made a difference to you:

Larry Hill, Lance Brockman, Jean Montgomery, Christine Kaiser, Leon Brauner, Dick Devin.


Anything you want to say about being a Fellow?

Highest recognition I’ve achieved from USITT.  I am humbled to be in the company of these folks.


Anything you'd like to add about what the USITT means to you personally?

Not enough space to do this justice.  Most of my best friends in life have come through USITT.


List of your publications (if any):

Too many and too many that I’ve forgotten.


Is there an area that you'd be happy to mentor students, officers, commissions about?

Always.  President, VP conferences, regional sections, and careers OUTSIDE of live theatre.