Gordon Pearlman

Gordon Pearlman

Favorite Memories:

  • Launching Kliegl Performance at L’Enfant Plaza in DC located on the top floors of a tall office building and then the fire alarm going off.
  • Many too many Kliegl Suites
  • Launching Kliegl Performer in Seattle and as many of you remember intentionally tripping and throwing the Performer across the stage
  • Steve Terry's ad hoc meeting where Steve Carlson's and my mash-up of everybody's spec became DMX-512


What the USITT means to me?
The many great friends I have made over all these years.

Career highlights:

  • MFA Tulane University
  • Lighting Designer and TD, Univ. of North Carolina
  • Vice President, Electronics Diversified

The LS/8 and "A Chorus Line"

  • Director of R & D, Kliegl Brothers


Performer I, II, III

Command Performance

  • President / Co-owner, Entertainment Technology

Performer IV, V

Morpheus Commander

Strand Impact

GAM Access

Lightolier Lytemode, Scenist, EasySet

IPS Dimming System

Horizon PC Console

  • Genlyte/Philips/Vari*lite/Strand

          Vision Net

Memorable USITT Characters:
I think the key word here is "characters". The following list is in no particular order and I apologize to those I can no longer remember: Joel Rubin, Ned Bowman, Will Bellman, Ed Petersen, Pat MacKay, Steve Terry, Richard Pilbrow, Stan Miller, Peter Rogers, Joe Tawil, Larry Kellerman, and (especially) Michael Connell.

Awards and Recognitions:

  • LS/8 from "A Chorus Line" exhibit at the Computer Museum 1991 – 2000
  • Fellow of the Illuminating Engineers Society 1991
  • Fellow of USITT 2010
  • The Wally Russell Foundation 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award