Kenneth Vannice

Kenneth Vannice


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Your earliest memories of the institute?

As a new student member I received a copy of the first TD&T,

May 1965. My first conference was at the Barbizon Plaza Hotel, probably 1967. Worked on first West Coast conference with George Howard, Will Bellman, Will Crocken, Mert Cramer and Tom Lehman, L. A. 1969

Favorite USITT memory?

Leading the charge to revise the NEC including adding the requirements for single-conductor feeder systems

Short list of your career highlights:

  • Technical Director for MSU Student Union Theatre and The Loft Theatre (summer stock)
  • Degrees in Electrical Engineering and Theatre Arts from Montana State University
  • Engineer/Manager for Kliegl Bros. Western Corp., Colortran Inc. (with and without prefixes), NSI Corp. and Leviton Manufacturing Co. Inc.
  • Stage lighting system and equipment designer
  • Registered Professional Engineer, Electrical
  • Member of several codes and standards bodies
  • ETCP Certified Entertainment Electrician and Recognized Electrical Trainer

Short list of your involvements in the Institute:

  • Officer, Southern California Section (CATT Inc.)
  • Conference Committee member, 1969, 1975 and 1988 (when local sections produced the conference)(facilitated first AIDS awareness exhibit)
  • Principal Member, NEC CMP 15; Engineering Commission Vice-commissioner for NEC A􀃠airs;
  • Chair, Engineering Commission NEC Committee
  • Member, Standards Committee
  • Co-chair, Engineering Commission Electrical Safety Workshop
  • Member, Board of Directors
  • Fellow

Short list of the memorable USITT characters that have made a difference to you?

  • Past – Joel Rubin, Bob Benson, Ed Peterson,
  • Present – Mitch Hefter, Jerry Gorrell, Louis Bradfield, Steve Terry
  • Most Significant – George Howard (I owe most of my practical knowledge of the theatre and engineering to George.)

Being a Fellow means:

I consider it a great honor to be included in such an august group.

What does USITT means to you?

USITT has always been a place for me to shared ideas and hone skills. Furthermore, many of my extended family members are Institute members.


  • Monthly column Code Corner in Sightlines
  • Articles in TD&T
  • Articles in Protocol
  • Articles in IAEI

List of books that you recommend:

  • National Electrical Code Handbook