Louis Bradfield

Louis Bradfield

Favorite Memories:

Becoming a Fellow, Being elected to the Board, receiving the special citation in 1991 and the 1995 conference in Las Vega when I was local programming chair and originated the Institute’s first “Super Sessions”—five in all.

Career highlights:

  • Degree in theatre, University of Iowa, 1964
  • Arrived in Las Vegas knowing on that “they do shows, there”, 1964
  • My first stage job was the Folies Bergere (5th edition) at the Tropicana, 1965
  • Becoming a member of IATSE Local 720, 1967
  • Desert Inn Hotel production of Pzazz, 1968
  • My last 41 years at Bally’s Hotel, originally the first MGM Grand Hotel
  • Retired in 2014 after 49 years of working continuously on the Las Vegas Strip as an IATSE Local 720 theatre electrician.

Involvement in the Institute:

  • Serving on the Board of Directors
  • Member of the Standards Committee
  • Local Program Chair for the 1995 Las Vegas conference
  • Speaking at and chairing many conference sessions over the years.

Short list of memorable USITT characters:

There is no such thing as a short list! During my 48 years as a member, the friendships and connection have been rewarding and educational.

About being a Fellow:

I was very honored and surprised to have been selected by a highly respected group of my peers for inclusion in this group of the best theatre professionals.  I am very proud to be a Fellow.

What the USITT means to you?

Because of USITT I have made many, life-long friends who have the same interest in and dedication to the theatre.  I have learned from Theatre “Greats” and imparted my knowledge and experience to the upcoming generations of future theatre professionals.  I always anticipate seeing my extended theatre family at the annual conference and other times during the year.