International Activities Committee

Responsible for establishing contact and maintaining communication with international organizations, associations and professional groups and for coordination of the international efforts of USITT.

Committee Members:

  • Kevin Rigdon, Vice President, ex-officio, Head of OISTAT Centre
  • Vince Mountain, Chair
  • Tatiana Vintu, PQ Curator
  • Shane Kelly, Board of Directors Representative
  • Patrick Rizzotti, Conference Programming
  • Alessia Carpoca, Conference Committee Representative
  • Mitch Hefter, Engineering Commission Representative
  • Anna Glover, Health & Safety Commission Representative
  • Margaret Mitchell
  • Linda Pisano
  • Josafath Reynoso
  • Ian Garrett
  • Tom Burch
  • Carl Walling

OISTAT Commission Representatives:

  • Sabrina Notarfrancisco, Costume Design
  • Joe Pino, Sound Design
  • Rob Eastman-Mullins, Performance Design
  • Todd Studebaker, Lighting Design
  • William Kenyon, Education
  • Richard Bryant, Publications & Communications
  • Loren Schreiber, Technology
  • Greg Cook, Architecture

updated 01-14-2020