USITT Lighting Commission

The mission of the USITT Lighting Commission is to serve the lighting profession by providing a forum for dialogue and information relating to excellence in lighting design, technology, and production, associated research and development, and lighting education.

Commission Leadership:

  • Todd Proffitt, Commissioner
  • Autum Casey, Associate Commissioner
  • Jonathan Allender-Zivic, Vice-Commissioner for Programming 2019
  • Russ Blain, Vice-Commissioner for Programming 2020
  • Andrea Bilkey, Vice-Commissioner for Lighting History
  • Erich Bolton, Vice-Commissioner for Multimedia & Projections
  • Nate Parde, Vice-Commissioner for Special Projects
  • Darren Levin, Vice-Commissioner for Communication
  • Victoria Fisher, Vice-Commissioner for Alternative Lighting Applications
  • Scott Parker, Vice-Commissioner for Alternative Lighting Applications
  • Brian Shevelenko, Vice-Commissioner for Education
  • Kirk Starks, Vice-Commissioner for Technology
  • Alan McEwen, Vice-Commissioner for Safety & Health
  • Jim Streeter, Vice-Commissioner for Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion
  • Todd Studebaker, Vice-Commissioner for International Activities
  • Hideaki Tsutsui, Vice-Commissioner for Design
  • Anthony Pellecchia, Co-Vice-Commissioner for Conference Events
  • Elizabeth Crifasi, Co-Vice-Commissioner for Conference Events

For a list the current commission leadership, go to Descriptions for each position as well as details on all commission activities can be found in the Lighting Commission Manual.

What we do:


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