USITT Lighting Commission

The mission of the USITT Lighting Commission is to serve the lighting profession by providing a forum for dialogue and information relating to excellence in lighting design, technology, and production, associated research and development, and lighting education.

Commission Leadership:

  • Autum Casey, Commissioner
  • Deanna Fitzgerald, Associate Commissioner
  • Tori Mayes, Vice Commissioner (VC) for Programming 2020
  • Jesse Portillo, VC for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Jonathan Allender-Zivic, VC for Education & Training
  • Darren Levin, VC for Communication
  • Todd Studebaker. VC for International Activities/OISTAT delegate
  • Scott Parker, VC for Professional Practice
  • Anthony Pellecchia, Co-VC for Special Events
  • Tim Thistleton, Co-VC for Special Events
  • Stephen White, Co-VC for Lighting Studio
  • Angelo O'Dierno, Co-VC for Lighting Studio
  • Adam Chamberlain, Awards Coordinator
  • Megan Reilly, Co-Coordinator, Poster Sessions
  • Adam Chamberlain, Co-Coordinator, Poster Sessions
  • Heather Brown, Coordinator, Conference Student Activities
  • Kirk Starks, Technology Representative
  • Anne McMills, Design Representative
  • Todd Proffitt, Education Representative
  • Dylan Bomgardner, Alternative Application Representative
  • Adam Hayward, ESTA Representative
  • Ford Sellers, Vendor Representative
  • Nick Moran, ALD Representative
  • Amanda Pohrte, Student Prepresentative
  • Gregg Hillmar, Lighting Graphic Recommended Practice Co-Chair
  • Jakyung Seo, Lighting Graphic Recommended Practice Co-Chair
  • Michael Kraczek, Network Graphic Recommended Practice Co-Chair
  • Wally Eastland, Network Graphic Recommended Practice Co-Chair

updated 02/09/21


What we do:

 Details on all commission activities can be found in the Lighting Commission Manual.