USITT Lighting Commission

The mission of the USITT Lighting Commission is to serve the lighting profession by providing a forum for dialogue and information relating to excellence in lighting design, technology, and production, associated research and development, and lighting education.

Commission Leadership:

Commissioner                                                 Autum Casey

Associate Commissioner                                Jesse Portillo

VC of Programming                                        Heather Brown

VC for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion           Darren Levin


VC For Education & Training                          Jonathan Allender-Zivic

VC For Communication                                   Jenni Propst

VC for International Activities and

OISTAT Lighting Sub Group Delegate             Adam Mendelson

VC For Professional Practice                           Scott Parker

Co-VC For Special Events                                Liz Crifasi

Co-VC For Special Events                                Tim Thistleton

Co-VC For Lighting Studio                               Stephen White

Co-VC For Lighting Studio                               Angelo O'Dierno


Awards Coordinator                                       Adam Chamberlin

Co-Coordinator Poster Session                       Todd Proffitt

Co-Coordinator Poster Session                       Adam Chamberlin

Coordinator for Conf. Student Activities        Todd Proffitt


Technology Representative                            Kirk Starks

Design Representative                                    Anne McMills

Education Representative                              Anthony Pellechia

Alternative Application Representative         Dylan Bomgardner

ESTA Representative                                      Adam Hayward

Vendor Representative                                   Tori Mays

ALD Representative                                        Nick Moran

Student Representative                                  Chris Moore


Lighting Graphic Rec. Practice-Co-Chair         Gregg Hillmar

Lighting Graphic Rec. Practice-Co-Chair         Jakyung Seo

Lighting Networks Rec. Practice Co-Chair      Michael Kraczek

Lighting Networks Rec. Practice Co-Chair      Wally Eastland

updated 00-20-2021


What we do:

 Details on all commission activities can be found in the Lighting Commission Manual.