USITT Management Commission

Management Commission provides creative leadership and education to generate strong, dynamic, and effective managers.

Commission Leadership:

  • Tina Shackleford, Commissioner
  • Laura Lee Everett, Vice Commissioner (VC) for Programming
  • Deb Acquavella, VC for Stage Management
  • Ryan Gastelum, VC for Production Management
  • Patricia Hausmann, VC for Arts Management
  • Nicole Queenan, VC for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Lawrence Bennett, VC for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Nykol DeDreu, VC for Stage Management Mentor Project
  • Donna Flor, VC for Events Management
  • Erin Joy Swank, VC for Portfolio, Resume & Interview Materials Prep Coordinator/Special Projects
  • Rusty Cloyes, Coordinator, Management Educators Group
  • Michele Kay, Coordinator, Management Educators Group

updated 02/23/2021


  • The Stage Management Mentor Project provides students and young professionals the opportunity to participate in a real-life training exercise coordinating major conference events.
  • Workshops in a variety of management areas are offered during the Annual Conference & Stage Expo.
  • Portfolio, Resume, & Interview Materials Prep (PRIMP) sessions provide the opportunity for all to receive feedback on materials presented for job interviews, whether you are a student or professional. Curriculum & Tenure Reviews are also available for Educators.
  • The Distinguished Achievement Award is given to managers who have contributed a lifetime of expertise and experience to theatre management.
  • The USITT Stage Management Award is awarded to an individual who has demonstrated excellence or outstanding potential in the area of stage management in the performing arts.