1 SOUND Intros Level 38 Flush-Mounted Full Range Speaker

May 1, 2024

1 SOUND has created a new full-range loudspeaker with a low-profile design, called the Level L38, the first of the Level Series. The L38 offers a new take on a full-range loudspeaker, offering various possibilities for applications. The L38 is meant to be mounted flush on a wall or ceiling, standing only 8 inches from the surface, utilizing hardware that is already built into the cabinet.

The sleek-looking loudspeaker is comprised of three 8-inch drivers, one of which is a coaxial with a proprietary progressive horn design, capable of a max SPL of 130 dB. This loudspeaker has an impactful sound with outstanding clarity and sonic intelligibility especially at a higher SPL range. The L38 was designed to have passive cardioid behavior, which means the mid-low frequencies will reduce a linear 8 dB off-axis of the speaker. This single-channel loudspeaker has a bandwidth down to 60 Hz, making it ideal as a stand-alone loudspeaker.

The Level L38 can be used in various applications and mounted flush onto a wall or ceiling. The progressive horn design and internal angle allow this loudspeaker to be mounted 8 to 15 feet high on a wall. If mounted on a wall, the dispersion covers about 90 degrees below the loudspeaker. This is significant because the listener can be almost directly under the loudspeaker on the wall and is in the listening field, while the cardioid behavior lessens the reflection of low-mid frequencies onto the ceiling. The Level L38 allows for many opportunities in installation. This discreet loudspeaker can be positioned on a wall in high-energy bars, restaurants, or retail environments allowing for a sleek aesthetic and a full range system that can emit high SPL. The L38, like all 1 SOUND loudspeakers, is available in various colors and finishes with a short turnaround time and is IP55 and saltwater resistant.

Be among the first to hear this loudspeaker by visiting 1 SOUND’s booth C9221 or demo room N108 at InfoComm Las Vegas this June, where they will celebrate its official release. For more info or to listen to the Level L38, email sales@1-sound.com.