1 SOUND Launches High-Powered Cardioid Floor Monitor

April 30, 2024

1 SOUND is releasing a high-powered cardioid floor monitor called the CM38. 1 SOUND drew inspiration for this unique monitor from the experience of founder & designer, Lou Mannarino, as a front-of-house engineer. The need arose from a spectrum of experiences, from working televised live orchestral concerts, where producers did not want to see monitors on stage in the camera frame, to mixing rock concerts for renowned musicians and singers and understanding their needs. This is an efficiently run, bi-amped floor monitor that has an impactful sound with outstanding clarity and sonic intelligibility, standing only 8 inches off the floor and with the capability of 130 dB max SPL and a bandwidth down to 60 Hz. The CM38 has three 8-inch drivers, one of which is a coaxial with a proprietary progressive horn design.

This 3-way loudspeaker has passive cardioid behavior, which means it musically cancels about 8 dB of mid-low frequencies on the sides and behind the speaker in its off-axis response. This is ideal to reduce polluted sound on stage and aim the energy to the most needed spots. It results in a cleaner sound environment past the monitor and also maintains its pronounced high frequency towards the sides of the monitor. The progressive horn design creates more controlled frequency equalization in the field and maintains the high frequency at a farther distance from the loudspeaker. If an artist backs up from the monitor, the high frequencies will be able to push a farther distance, keeping up with the lower frequencies. This floor monitor has a robust build made out of premium materials while presenting a sleek, discreet fit and finish. Like all 1 SOUND loudspeakers, the CM38 is available in various colors and finishes with a short turnaround time and is IP55 and saltwater resistant.

Be among the first to hear this loudspeaker by visiting 1 SOUND’s booth C9221 or demo room N108 at InfoComm Las Vegas for its official release. For more info or to listen to the CM38, email sales@1-sound.com.