2020 Exhibitor Sessions

February 13, 2020

With our extended expo-only hours, you'll have plenty of time to pick the brains of our more than 350 exhibitors, but what if you could connect in a more intimate setting and go in-depth with these industry-leading companies and meet the experts? Exhibitor sessions make doing that possible for all attendees. Think of these sessions as an extension of the time you will spend talking to exhibitors on the show floor, and who better to hear and learn from than those who know their products and their corner of the live entertainment industry best?

We have a record number of exhibitor sessions on our roster this year. A wide array of disciplines will be covered such as lighting, sound, props, cruise ship entertainment, rigging, and more. It’s valuable to speak with exhibitors during Stage Expo, but plan to see them in a new light and extend that value by attending one or all of these sessions taught by entertainment professionals. 

Below you'll find a sampling of what exhibitor sessions we'll be offering in Houston, but we encourage you to take a look at our full list to get the full scope of what is available for you to experience at USITT 2020.

If you can't find it, you can't use it - Costume Inventory Resources

Entertainment at Sea

Verity Studios; The Magic is Real: Drones in Live Entertainment

A.C. Lighting - Lighting Redundancy using Luminex’s LumiNode

“I Found My Ears” at USITT

On-Site Drapery Cleaners Discusses Fire Safety and Your Drapes, Are You Prepared?

Body Mic'ing from Head to Heel by Point Source Audio

Don’t Fall off the Stage! – ESTA’s Technical Standards Program ANSI E1.46

Wireless Lighting for Props and Costumes - Advanced Techniques

RC4 Makes Your Prop Into a DMX Fixture!

See our full list of exhibitor sessions, here.