Ayrton Laser-sourced Cobra Fixtures Now Available in the US

February 5, 2024

Ayrton announces that COBRA 2 is now available in the US. With COBRA 2, Ayrton's laser-sourced COBRA, which has sold several thousand units worldwide, is certified and compliant with US FDA CDRH laser product requirements, confirming that COBRA² complies with the strictest safety standards for laser sources.

This luminaire incorporates several sensors that analyze the position of its moving head and the size of the beam in real time. An interface is used to determine the projection exclusion zones and take into account safety distances.

COBRA and COBRA2 can cover all applications whatever your needs and wherever your tour or location. COBRA and COBRA2 are identical in almost every respect, having the same incredible zoom and intensity, extensive choice of gobos, filters, animation and color mixing, and of course IP65-rating.

The only internal differences being the additional circuitry necessary for use in the USA and a new visual ID for COBRA2: thanks to four highly integrated handles COBRA2 is an ergonomic machine that's easy to manage. Both luminaires can be used side by side.

Certified and compliant with US FDA CDRH laser product requirements, COBRA2 knows no frontiers.

Watch Cobra2's promo video here.

Ayrton is distributed exclusively in North America by ACT Entertainment.