Behind the Scenes Offering Virtual Mental Health First Aid Training

September 23, 2021

Would you know how to help if you saw someone having a heart attack—you’d probably start CPR, or at the very least, call 9-1-1. But would you know how to respond if you saw someone having a panic attack, or if you were concerned that a friend or colleague might be showing signs of depression or alcoholism?

Mental Health First Aid is a virtual training that takes the fear and hesitation out of starting conversations about mental health and substance use problems by teaching you how to recognize the signs and symptoms that suggest a potential mental health challenge, how to listen non judgmentally and give reassurance to someone who may be experiencing a mental health challenge, and how to refer a person to appropriate professional support and services.

The Behind the Scenes Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Initiative is offering virtual Mental Health First Aid training to entertainment industry workers in the U.S. at a variety of days and times on an ongoing basis. Classes, which are taught by an industry veteran, are now posted through November. Learn more and register at