Bill Sapsis Offering Single-Topic Seminars

June 5, 2020

Photo courtesy of ESTA

Bill Sapsis of Sapsis Rigging, Inc. is offering short, single-topic online seminars to industry-related companies, organizations, IA Locals, schools, and similar institutions.

All training sessions are led by Bill Sapsis who has conducted over 200 sessions in North America, Europe, and Africa.

His credentials include:

  • ETCP Recognized Trainer*SRI Seminars
  • ETCP Certified, Theatre and Arena
  • ETCP Council Member
  • Chair, ETCP Subject Matter Experts
  • Chair, PLASA/TSP Rigging Working Group
  • Board Member, The PLASA Foundation
  • USITT Fellow
  • Advisory Board Member, New York City Technical College

Training Session Topics Include:

  • Manual and Automated Rigging Systems - Operation, Inspection and Maintenance
  • Arena Rigging - Understanding chain hoists, truss, and the forces involved with using them.
  • Fall Arrest Systems - Staying safe while working at height.
  • Hardware - How to choose and use the right materials.
  • Rope, Cable, and Slings - Matching the gear to the application.
  • Fittings - Keeping equipment connected safely.

Full-day and multiple day sessions are available depending on the desired and required curriculum.

These are 60-90 minutes long and address a single topic, which is chosen by the organization. Attendees should come from the organization's crew, students and/or staff. These are free through Sept. 1, 2020.

Learn more, here.