Book Talk: Productivity Through Wellness For Live Entertainment and Theatre Technicians

January 15, 2021

Thursday, Jan. 28, 2021 at 7 p.m. EST, take the opportunity to attend a Book Talk on Brian MacInnis Smallwood’s newest publication: Productivity Through Wellness For Live Entertainment and Theatre Technicians. Hosted by the Theatre Studies area of James Madison University's School of Theatre and Dance, this book talk is a great chance to further your understanding of best practice in the live entertainment field. Register here!

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Productivity Through Wellness for Live Entertainment and Theatre Technicians provides the tools for individuals and organizations to achieve a healthy work–life balance and increase productivity in the production process of live entertainment.

Through examination of the limits of the human body, the fundamentals of motivation, and best practices of project management, the reader will develop operational mindfulness and look at new ways to achieve work–life balance. The book explores case studies that show how organizations are promoting work–life balance and reaping the benefits of increased productivity, makes recommendations to reduce burnout and increase productivity among technicians, and discusses how to deal with the various phases of production.

An excellent resource for live entertainment technicians, production managers, technical directors, arts managers, managers in live entertainment, and students in Technical Direction and Production Management courses, Productivity Through Wellness for Live Entertainment and Theatre Technicians offers practical solutions to improve the quality of life of employees, reduce the burnout and injuries of overwork, and maximize the value of an hour.

Brian MacInnis Smallwood, MFA, worked 10 years in New York City. He served as a Technical Director and Production Manager for dozens of Off and Off-Off Broadway companies. He co-founded the production company No Time for Love Productions, which served companies such as Ma-Yi Theater Company, New York Musical Festival, and New York Photo Festival, and Second Stage. He taught at Arizona State University as a Clinical Assistant Professor/Technical Director, served as Assistant Professor/Technical Director at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, and currently is an Associate Professor/Production Manager at James Madison University. Brian’s research interests include structural engineering for production and increasing productivity through employee wellness.


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