Broadway & Beyond: Access for Stage Managers of Color Creates Hiring Database

June 4, 2021

Broadway & Beyond: Access for Stage Managers of Color's website now includes a contact database for stage managers of color who are open to work, and a job postings section. Broadway & Beyond is committed to continuing to develop pathways for aspiring and mid-career stage managers of color to enter or achieve the next level of success within the professional theatre industry. With these new functions, the Broadway & Beyond website is an invaluable, free resource for making those connections.

Stage managers who are interested in being part of the database can submit their information via the website, All of the professionals – producers, general managers, production supervisors, stage managers, and regional theaters – who have participated in previous Broadway & Beyond networking events have been notified about the new database.

Job recruiters may email their postings for available positions to

Sign up at Broadway & Beyond here.