Broadway News: How the potential IATSE strike could impact Broadway productions

September 29, 2021

Check out this article from Broadway News by Caitlin Huston on IATSE's potential strike and how it could affect Broadway.

Broadway productions will be largely unaffected If IATSE members vote to strike later in the week.

The union, whose members include stagehands, artisans and technicians on Broadway, as well as camera operators, designers and other behind-the-scenes workers in film and television, is planning to hold a nationwide vote to authorize a strike Friday. If members vote to strike, it would primarily impact the film and television industry, as it concerns a stalled contract negotiation between IATSE and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.

It would not affect the IATSE contracts with the Broadway League or any other theater employer. One potential impact within the theater industry could be for productions scheduled to be filmed under the Producer-IATSE Basic Agreement and the Theatrical and the Television Motion Picture Area Standards Agreement, the contracts involved in the negotiations.

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