CAST Software Updates Wysiwyg Educational Edition for Students and Teachers

October 8, 2021

With the arrival of the new academic year, CAST Software shares in the excitement at being back to the classroom. This summer, our wysiwyg Educational Edition has been updated with exciting features to support your teaching and learning experience. New features include, MVR import and export, chroma keying (allowing you to place the live action shot of an artist, pyro effects or anything else), new gobos, truss, library objects, and 262 new fixtures. All of this, and more, remains FREE as part of our special wysiwyg Design Edition for students and teachers.  
If students currently have a valid wysiwyg Educational license, the most up-to-date software is obtained via the CAST Educational Portal. Or, if a license has expired and you’re still a student or teacher, visit the CAST Educational Portal, and upload current valid ID. Our team will review applications application within 72 hours.  
If you haven’t got your own copy of wysiwyg Educational Edition yet, find out more and apply for a license today, here.

CAST understands it can be difficult to keep your knowledge up-to-date. To help with this, they have launched their own online Academy, containing all the wysiwyg learning resources you need. By enrolling in a CAST Academy course, you and your students can be confident in having the knowledge needed for success.