Celebrate 25 Years of Poster Session History!

February 12, 2021

Join us at USITT21 — Virtually Anywhere as we celebrate 25 years of costume, makeup, and hair in the Costume Design & Technology Poster Session!

Twenty-five years ago, at the 1997 USITT Conference in Pittsburgh, the Costume Design & Technology Commission hosted the first-ever poster session. It was proposed and chaired by Betty Blyholder, who had been inspired by poster sessions she had seen at her husband’s STEM conferences. It was a success with nine posters represented.

Seven session chairs later, there have been over 400 posters presented. Selected by jury, these posters are a notable contribution to expanding knowledge and scholarship in the industry. They are permanently archived on the USITT website and available for future research use. This opportunity to publish original creative work has had a significant positive impact on elevating over 400 of our members’ careers.

Record your story for the archives and tell us how the poster session helped your career. Did you publish an original creative idea? Did you learn something at a costume poster session that you later used? Share it with us!

Tell us how the Costume Design & Technology Commission's poster session helped shape your career! Record your three-minute selfie video about your Poster Session experience and upload it, here.