Claypaky: Rhapsodya RGBAL LED Fixture

April 18, 2024

Claypaky Rhapsodya emerges as a groundbreaking, low-noise multi-spectral RGBAL LED fixture meticulously designed for various applications such as touring, live events, theatre, and TV production, and managed by a specially crafted, internally developed firmware algorithm. It is an evolution of Sinfonya, particularly regarding the focus on quality of optics and color management, and the whisper-quiet operation even at full output. Rhapsodya has a stunning new product design that is sleek and modern, with a double power output (24,000 lm) compared to Sinfonya.

Rhapsodya’s cutting-edge technology introduces new features that promise to reshape your lighting experience, whether you’re on stage or in the studio:

accuframeACCUFRAME™: Traditional fixtures utilized four focal planes, often leading to a loss of sharpness. Rhapsodya features a new approach with ACCUFRAME™, utilizing two focal planes to achieve a remarkable level of precision. Enjoy quicker, more accurate re-focusing while preserving the sharpness of lighting effects, making your work easier and performances more stunning. Say goodbye to time-consuming re-focusing and hello to streamlined performance.

LINEAGUARD: This is a new frost system that features pairs of blades for superior uniformity and reduced unwanted reflections. This feature creates a more pleasing audience experience and guarantees a much smoother and softer entrance of the filters.

ABSOLUTE POSITION: Rhapsodya’s Absolute Position feature, for advanced PAN & TILT control, remembers fixture positions in real-time, allowing for precision re-positioning with no distracting movement during hard resets. This breakthrough enhances the precision of re-positioning and saves time since the time for refocusing before the show is always limited.

TONEDOWN™: It ensures an unprecedented level of quiet on stage, with noise levels as low as 27dB, allowing for a truly immersive experience. In intimate moments, you can even use the fixture without the fan, creating room for captivating new choreography. The days of disturbing background noise are behind us.

ACCUTUNE: Rhapsodya incorporates AccuTune, our in-house firmware algorithm, ensuring precise control over the multicolor LED engine. This delivers vibrant, highCRI, and high-TLCI light optimized for both stage and TV. The simplicity of operation saves valuable time ensuring the uncompromising quality.

COLORMATCH: With the latest calibration feature, integrated with Claypaky’s CloudIO software, you can effortlessly match the light output and color temperature of all your fixtures for a flawless performance. This guarantees consistent, perfectly tuned lighting, regardless of the age or brand of your fixtures.Color Match

COLORSTRING: The independent control of the four LED stripes within the engine unlocks a new level of graphics and color effects. This feature empowers you to create intricate and dynamic lighting displays. With Colorstring, your lighting design possibilities are limitless. Achieve stunning graphics and color effects, making every performance an unforgettable masterpiece.

CUTTING-EDGE OPTICAL SYSTEM: Claypaky proprietary optical system sets the stage for exceptional efficiency and precision. With a broad beam angle potential of 6 to 60 degrees, Rhapsodya adapts seamlessly to venues of all sizes without compromising on performance in both large and intimate spaces.

COLOR WHEEL EXPANSION: Rhapsodya’s color wheel builds upon the foundation of Sinfonya, offering additional red, green, and blue options. This expansion adds three crucial points to the gamut that were unattainable with the engine’s native colors. With an extended color palette, your creative horizons are limitless.

FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: Rhapsodya boasts a sleek, ergonomic design that not only enhances aesthetics but also reduces internal noise reflections, further elevating your shows’ performance.

Rhapsodya is more than just a fixture: explore its exceptional features and witness the future of lighting innovation.

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