Consolidation Strengthens Industry Coverage at Timeless Communications

June 22, 2021

Timeless Communications, publisher of Projection, Lights and Staging News (PLSN); Front of House (FOH); and Stage Directions (SD), is looking beyond the pandemic to a strong future for the industry and its publications. To that end, they today announced that Stage Directions magazine will merge into PLSN. This will both expand the comprehensive coverage by the industry’s indisputable leading publication and will better reflect today’s entertainment technology business sector.

Terry Lowe, Timeless Communications Founder and President states, “Having continued our complete coverage of all the various market segments within the industry in each of the magazines throughout the pandemic, we have seen changes to not only how people are looking to get their information but also how they are working—and that is across market segments. Entertainment technology professionals are just that, industry professionals that constantly cross all markets. To best cover that reality, especially now as live entertainment is restarting, and to acknowledge our readers desire to find the latest news, stories and resources efficiently realigning Stage Directions’ theater coverage into PLSN is a step that we know will benefit both our readership and our advertisers.”

Beginning in the August PLSN issue, Stage Directions will be a dedicated section each month covering the wealth of projects, designs and technology in the theater market. There will also be a specific area on the PLSN website where Stage Directions’ pertinent theater news and additional coverage can be found at any time. Stage Directions' well-loved social media posts, both on Facebook and Twitter will continue without interruption or change.

“I am looking forward to expanding out theater coverage,” comments Richard ‘Nook’ Schoenfeld, PLSN Editor. “I am particularly pleased that Michael Eddy, Stage Directions Editor, will be joining us at PLSN to continue providing the Stage Directions perspective. PLSN has long seen the crossover within the industry of people working in concerts, corporate and special events, and that is true of theater as well. Award-winning theater designers and technicians are working on a wide range of different type projects every day. There is a real need in today’s industry for people to know what is happening in technology and what products are available so they can work not limited by market segment.

Stage Directions Editor, Michael S. Eddy notes, “I have been privileged to cover the theater market for the past five years at Stage Directions, covering incredible theater makers, interesting productions, and innovative technology and products. While I know that our readers and our advertisers may miss receiving their monthly Stage Directions issue, they will soon be looking forward to receiving their monthly PLSN. They will absolutely continue to find the in-depth coverage of theater design, solutions and technology they turn to Stage Directions to provide. I am excited to be part of this next stage in theater coverage and appreciate the commitment of both Terry Lowe and Nook Schoenfeld to continuing Stage Directions relied upon coverage. Our readers and our advertisers will see that their theatrical work is valued as it joins PLSN.”

In the coming days Stage Directions subscribers will be notified directly about moving their subscription over to PLSN magazine, which is also a free subscription. Stage Directions advertisers with any questions should contact their Timeless Communications advertising representative.