CruiseTechies helps theatre students, teachers, and technicians discover careers on cruise ships

February 13, 2024

What is it like to work in a theatre on a cruise ship? CruiseTechies helps technical theatre students, their teachers, and working professionals, who are curious or serious about what it’s like to have a career and a lifestyle working in a theatre on a cruise ship. CruiseTechies offers three great ways to discover what it’s like to work in a theatre on a cruise ship:

  • The Starboard Spotlight weekly newsletter 
  • The CruiseTechies Blog (for curious techies) 
  • The Discovery Cruise (for serious techies). 


The Starboard Spotlight is a weekly digest about working in theatres on cruise ships, for tech theatre students, tech theatre teachers, and professional theatre technicians looking for a seachange. The newsletter provides weekly insights, tips and resources for anyone who is considering a career in a cruise ship theatre. 

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Anyone can easily go down a time-dragging whirlpool searching for information about jobs on cruise ships, and it’s even more turbulent to try to find information specifically about theatre jobs on cruise ships. The CruiseTechies Blog is a one-stop port for anyone interested in working in theatres on ships. 

In the CruiseTechies Blog the curious cruise techie will find a sea of information; firsthand interviews with theatre technicians working on board cruise ships; links to a variety of bloggers and vloggers who work in theatres on ships; information about the job, the lifestyle, the ships, and travel locations. 

The curious cruise techie will also discover practical information, such as; which cruise lines hire theatre techs; what experience is needed to apply for a tech theatre job on a cruise ship; how long of a contract do you have to commit to; and what types of tech theatre jobs do the cruise lines hire for. 

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The Discovery Cruise Program is for anyone seriously interested in a career and lifestyle as a theatre technician in the cruise industry, but who wants to discover firsthand what it's like to work in a theatre aboard a cruise ship before they commit to a multi-month contract. It's best to make a small investment in a Discovery Cruise now than to make an expensive discovery later! 

A Discovery Cruise allows the serious cruise techie the opportunity to chat with on-board theatre techies in order to learn about their jobs, check out all of the venues and the types of entertainment, observe the technical aspects of shows and events, find out about living quarters, job benefits, travel opportunities, and find out just what is it like trying to hang lights in a moving theatre! 

The serious cruise techie will discover the reality of what daily life is like on board a cruise ship; from what your cabin would be like, to whether you’ll have a roomie, to what your work hours are, to what your meals are like, to how much time you get off to go ashore whilst in ports, to tips on what to do while in port. 

And, just like teachers take groups of students to the Big City, teachers can also take a group of students on a Discovery Cruise on the High Seas. (For groups of 10 or more, the teacher’s fare is free!) 

CruiseTechies works in partnership only with cruise lines that have agreed to allow Discovery Cruisers to contact the theatre technicians on board their ships. Discovery Cruises are on major cruise line ships, with large state-of-the-art theatres and a variety of other venues. Discovery Cruises are typically fairly short, 3 to 5 days - not too long of a commitment (or expense!), but long enough for a theatre technician (student or professional) to discover if this is the career and lifestyle for them. 

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The CruiseTechies Travel Agency can also help anyone book a cruise to anywhere, anytime and for any reason. Cruising is the most cost-effective way to see the world! 

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