Empowered Collaborates with Harlequin Floors

March 8, 2024

Empowered, the enlightening educational program hosted by acclaimed actress Meg Ryan, is proud to announce a dynamic collaboration with Harlequin Floors to produce a captivating new episode focused on the necessity for performance flooring across various artistic disciplines. Set to film in the upcoming year, this episode aims to educate consumers on the critical role that performance flooring plays in supporting the needs of professionals in dance, theater production, live events staging, film, and video, among other creative fields. 

Performance flooring is essential to any studio or performance space, providing artists and practitioners with the necessary parameters and quality to excel in their respective disciplines. Through this collaboration, Empowered and Harlequin Floors seek to shed light on the importance of choosing the right flooring solutions to optimize performance, safety, and artistic expression. 

Harlequin Floors, recognized as a leader in the industry, brings decades of expertise and innovation to the collaboration. The episode will feature interviews with key members of the Harlequin Floors team, offering expert guidance on selecting the right flooring solutions to meet the unique requirements of various artistic disciplines. 

"Harlequin is proud to have been chosen to take center stage in an upcoming episode of Empowered. As the global leader in performance flooring solutions, this recognition highlights our commitment to excellence and innovation that extends beyond dance to embrace all performance genres. With our floors gracing stages and sets worldwide, we are excited to share the Harlequin story, showcasing the company's profound impact on beloved artists, companies, and even the audience," stated Chrissy Ott Richter, Marketing Communications Director of Harlequin Floors Americas. 

The episode will explore the specific considerations and technical specifications involved in choosing performance flooring for different artistic contexts. Whether it's the need for shock absorption and slip resistance in dance studios or the versatility and durability required for film and event production, the collaboration between Empowered and Harlequin Floors will provide valuable information to artists, venue owners, and industry professionals alike. 

"As an organization that works within a correlated sector, we are acutely aware of how having quality performance flooring is a professional necessity," stated Valerie Maliga, Senior VP of Empowered. "Harlequin Flooring meets and exceeds every expectation that we would require for our own professional work." 

Empowered and Harlequin Floors are committed to empowering artists and practitioners with the knowledge and resources they need to create optimal performance environments. By highlighting the importance of performance flooring, the collaboration aims to enhance the artistic experience and promote excellence across the arts.