Environmental Lights Launches Cove Wash – Dual Bend LED Lighting Products

July 10, 2024

Environmental Lights, a leader in LED lighting solutions, announces the launch of their Cove Wash – Dual Bend product family, an innovative, low voltage lighting solution that simplifies cove light installations and provides a high lumen output. Unlike traditional cove light fixtures, Cove Wash – Dual Bend flexes effortlessly on both horizontal and vertical axes, providing the ability to bend seamlessly around curves and contours.

environmental lights cove wash This product family supports 10-meter run lengths across all variations, with each five-meter piece sporting side exiting wires that allow units to be installed flush against each other. Cutting increments of 3.3 inches further allows Cove Wash – Dual Bend to be customized to fit each unique application. The result is bright and uniform cove wash illumination unparalleled in its versatility and ease of installation. It is ideal for commercial applications such as casinos, where long runs and bright coves are highly desired features.

Cove Wash – Dual Bend comes in three main varieties: monochrome, 4-in-1, and 4-in-1 PixelControl. Monochrome provides classic white cove lighting in color temperatures of 2,700K, 3,000K, or 6,500K. 4-in-1 refers to each node containing RGBW diodes, allowing users to select their preferred hue from millions of color combinations. Lastly, 4-in-1 PixelControl provides users with maximum control over their cove lighting by enabling the creation of smooth color gradients and dynamic effects.

“Cove Wash – Dual Bend instantly expands the realm of what’s possible in your projects,” said Matt Altieri, Director of Sales & Support at Environmental Lights. “The high lumen output, flexibility of each unit, and 10-meter run lengths with side exiting wires makes this one of the most versatile cove lighting solutions on the market today.”

There are two compatible channel systems for Cove Wash – Dual Bend products. The first is a rigid aluminum mounting channel that keeps your lights perfectly straight and is sold in 2-meter segments. The second is a flexible aluminum mounting channel that bends and twists with your lighting and is sold in 1-meter segments.

For more information on how Cove Wash – Dual Bend could enhance your next installation, sales engineers are available to assist you at 888.880.1880, or you may offer details on future project requirements by clicking here.

Cove Wash – Dual Bend products are available now at EnvironmentalLights.com or by calling 888.880.1880.Cove Wash Dual Bend Photo

Cove Wash – Dual Bend Features:

  • Flexible on both horizontal and vertical axes
  • 10-meter run length when powered from one end
  • Side exiting wires at each end allow units to be installed flush with each other
  • 2-meter input and .5-meter output leads for quick and easy installations
  • 3 inch cutting increments
  • IP67 rated with factory-sealed ends
  • Monochrome, 4-in-1, and 4-in-1 PixelControl varieties available
  • Rigid and flexible mounting channels available

Further information from Environmental Lights: www.environmentallights.com