ESTA & USITT Terminology Working Group's Launch Survey

June 11, 2021

Terminology Working Group

The ESTA & USITT Terminology Working Group's are gathering suggestions about problematic racist, sexist, genderist, and other exclusionary language in our industry as well as suggestions to replace those terms. 

The groups endeavor is to identify any terminology that is linguistically rooted in or suggestive of oppression or exclusion, and supplant it with more inclusive and accurate language. As part of this initiative, a Terminology Work Group has been assembled that is compiling a list of exclusionary terms and suggested alternatives with the goal of creating a language guide applicable to our entire industry. You can review the working list by clicking here.

In the spirit of inclusion, they'd like to hear from you about terms that have not yet been identified as well as suggestions for alternative language. You are invited to take the following survey, where you can submit terms and suggest appropriate alternatives. 

Because perspectives shift over time, it is understood that there may be a need to periodically reevaluate the use of metaphoric language. For this reason, the survey will remain open so the document can continue to be updated to reflect contemporary perspectives.