EXPERIENTIAL Bob Bonniol's Guided Tour Of AI For Live Entertainment

June 10, 2024

AI is rapidly transforming the live entertainment industry. To understand what you need to know about the tools available and how to use them, join Live Design for a two-hour webcast with live entertainment visionary Bob Bonniol of MODE Studios. Bonniol, who has suggested that computers are no longer a tool but a collaborator, shares his screen with viewers on a journey through some of the extraordinary capabilities of AI and what that means for entertainment professionals. 

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Bob Bonniol is a creative director, producer, and advisor who works in augmented, virtual, immersive, and environmental reality to further the art of storytelling. The leading practioner of using AI generative design tools for incredible looking shows, Bonniol has stunned audiences with cascading, scene-expanding images for Billy Joel, Blake Shelton, Hip-Hop 50, and Christina Aguilera in her residency at the amazing new Voltaire venue at The Venetian in Las Vegas. Bob shares his take on AI with demos and examples of hot AI tools.