Fill Out a Survey Exploring Neurotypical Barriers in the Arts and Architecture

June 26, 2024

There are plenty of things to consider when designing theatres and live entertainment venues. This survey explores the lesser-known challenges that neurotypical individuals might experience when navigating live entertainment venues so that this data can be shared with those working in the fields of architecture and engineering. The collected data will be shared at NATEAC this year by one of our long-time USITT Members, Eben Alguire.

If you'd like to help create this resource, please fill out the form below and add to our pool of data collection!

This form is a non-scientific survey to identify the frictions and barriers facing neurodivergent arts participants, audience members, and arts workers. We are specifically focusing on barriers related to physical arts spaces, as well as some technical aspects of performance.

This form is anonymous and you can provide as much or as little information as you feel comfortable. For simplification, we've only listed general areas of neurodivergent conditions.

All answers are strictly voluntary.