Green Hippo & Prase Deliver Hippotizer Video-To-Surface Training

June 23, 2023

Prase is now working to extend the influence of Green Hippo’s video playback technology, furthering Green Hippo’s global reach and enhancing customer service. Photo courtesy of Green Hippo.

Italy – Italian audio, video, digital signage and control solution distributor Prase Media Technologies has delivered its first Hippotizer training sessions, in collaboration with Green Hippo. The two-day course was designed to showcase some of the world-class features of the Nevis+ and Boreal+ MK2 Media Servers and the new Hippotizer 4.8 software.

Prase became a Green Hippo distributor for Italy in spring 2022, working with the entire range of Green Hippo’s award-winning Hippotizer Media Servers and in addition, tvONE products. Prase is now working to extend the influence of Green Hippo’s video playback technology, furthering Green Hippo’s global reach and enhancing customer service.

Hippotizer Product Specialist Leon Dickens provided training at the event, held at the Prase office located in the northern Italian town of Noventa Di Piave, alongside Prase’s Sonny Laurano and Enrico Fodde. Attendees learned how to manage, send, manipulate and sync video content on any surface. The visuals were displayed on two 40″ displays and a much larger Absen 4K LED screen.

“With Hippotizer as a new product in Prase’s catalog, they recognized that a key component for product exposure throughout Italy would be comprehensive training sessions for AV users,” says Dickens. “Prase has fantastic facilities for demonstrating the capabilities of the Hippotizer software and going forward aim to continue access to Hippotizer training. Many of Prase’s existing customers, who attended the training session, were interested to have a hands-on experience with the Hippotizer hardware available. Attendees ranged from freelance AV professionals, event technicians from a number of AV rental companies as well as some of Prase’s wider sales team.”

Dickens says that focuses of the training in Hippotizer 4.8 software highlighted the features of the Hippotizer workflow, including TimelinePlus, VideoMapper, DMX2 and PixelMapper components.

“Some attendees showed specific interest in the SHAPE alignment features which we demonstrated at the end of the session,” adds Dickens. “Finally, an overview of the new 4.8 features Show Manager, improved encoding and REST API webpage design framework. Having outreach to completely new users of Hippotizer is always a great experience, there was genuine interest shown by the whole group. Demonstrating the PixelMapper and DMX2 components is always a winner for us, it is a staple feature of Hippotizer and always well received. Our simplistic design and integration with the lighting world provides a great intermediary solution.”

Sonny Laurano, Prase’s Application Engineer, comments:

“We were thrilled to host our first Hippotizer training sessions at Prase. Hippotizer is a very flexible Media Server offering a wide range of features that caters for most of the pro-AV industry requirements. Simplistic UI design and interoperability makes the Hippotizer product range a great choice for live events, installation and broadcast. MultiController, DMX2 and the new REST API really open doors for end users to customise interaction with the products, while maintaining all of the technical functionality that Hippotizer is known for.

“Meeting new users, hearing their feedback and demonstrating new solutions was great fun and much knowledge was gained along with some great ideas.”

Luca Battistelli, Business Manager, Prase Media Technologies, says: “We’re excited to have Green Hippo’s premium Media Servers in our catalog, and to be able to offer Italian professionals best-in-class technologies for creating an engaging and stunning multimedia experience. Our partnership with Green Hippo pairs with Prase’s growing video proposal, mainly projectors and LED walls.”

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