#GreenQuarantine: Broadway Green Presents Journey On: Climate Restoration - a Path to Climate Positive

June 24, 2020

Join Broadway Green Alliance as they continue their #GreenQuarantine webinar series! Their next webinar, Journey On: Climate Restoration - a Path to Climate Positive, will take place Thursday, June 25 from 1-2 p.m.

The COVID-19 pandemic is set to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 8% in 2020 - the large decrease ever recorded.  What does that teach us about our ability to reduce emissions, and how can youth step up to help reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide from today’s levels of nearly 415 ppm to below 300 ppm by 2050? The emerging field of Climate Restoration sets a new goal: both to reduce new carbon emissions and remove legacy carbon dioxide that already exists in the atmosphere.

Rick Parnell, the Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation of Climate Restoration, will be joined by his colleague Erica Dodds, Chief Operating Officer of the Foundation for Climate Restoration, along with two of the Foundations Youth Advisors and Champions, Jesse Plank and Ashley Meeky, and award-winning College Green Captain, Emma Roth, for this session that will chart a path toward a climate positive future and discuss ways we can all get involved in restorative action for the planet.

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