Help Us Find Your Next Executive Director

September 9, 2022

The search for USITT's new Executive Director is on as a full job description is now available!

Do you know someone who is a great leader? USITT has engaged Isaacson, Miller (IM) to help us find our next Executive Director. If you know someone who may fit the bill – or if YOU are the ideal candidate – nominate people or apply through IM’s USITT portal by clicking here.

At the link you will find IM's full job description, salary information, and links to apply or nominate for the position.

Isaacson, Miller on Compensation & The Effect on Job Search

Isaacson, Miller complies with all state and local pay transparency regulations and guidelines, the nature of which varies by jurisdiction. In cities and states with pay transparency requirements (for example, Colorado, Washington State and New York City), the firm posts in its job advertisements the role-specific compensation information provided to us by our client’s human resources department. 
For roles located in jurisdictions with no mandate, there are differences of opinion on the impact of posting the salary range. While some contend that the absence of salary information disadvantages women and people of color in compensation negotiations, others argue that the presence of salary information can lead to women and people of color to self-select out of opportunities before learning about the full compensation and benefits package. Isaacson, Miller also works with clients who have wide salary bands that do not offer useful insight to potential candidates, as well as those who would prefer not to lock into a specific, limited compensation range at the start of the search process, but rather rely on the market feedback developed during the recruiting process to determine an externally competitive and internally equitable rate of compensation, which often yields a more diverse candidate pool. 
The pay transparency policy landscape continues to evolve. In consultation with outside experts, Isaacson, Miller examines this issue on an ongoing basis and advises its search teams of policy developments and emerging best practices on this matter.

To view the job description for USITT's Executive Director position on IM's website, click here.