The Hollywood Reporter Highlights Lighting Designer, Newly Inducted USITT Fellow Kathy A. Perkins

January 6, 2022

Kathy A. Perkins

Congratulations to lighting designer and newly inducted USITT Fellow Kathy A. Perkins on her mention in a recent Hollywood Reporter article! Kathy is one of 12 performers and crew to make their Broadway Debut with the show Trouble in Mind by Alice Childress. Check out this quote from Director Charles Randolph-Wright included in Abbey White's article for The Hollywood Reporter, "In Broadway’s ‘Trouble in Mind,’ the Past and Present of Theater Collide."

"She’s 'worked all over the world,' including on Childress’ last show, Randolph-Wright says, but 'never got her shot on Broadway before this year.' She’s now among less than a handful of Black lighting designers in the history of Broadway."

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