Houston — from USITT's Perspective

November 25, 2019

In years past we have done computer-based research on our Conference host cities discovering where to get the tastiest grub, see the coolest shows, and how best to navigate the area. This information went into our Conference newsletter for you to reference once you arrived. Because the information we have provided in the past was based solely on computer research, we had to hope that the restaurants and entertainment options we chose were in fact of high-quality and as close to the Convention Center as they claimed to be.

The National Office wants your Conference experience to be as seamless as possible and that needs to begin prior to your arrival in Houston. That's why this year, we went straight to the source.

We hopped on a jet and spent some time in Houston, getting to know the city, exploring with local members, tasting some of the city's finest fare (Houston is known for its diverse eats), and navigating the quickest routes on the most accessible public transportation to get you from your Conference activities back to your hotel, and to adventures beyond.

We hope these visuals will help you better navigate our host city when you arrive. Long gone are the days of scrambling to understand the light rail or spending hours on Yelp looking for the closest dinner spot. We've done the work for you so you can spend less time researching Houston and more time planning your Conference schedule and spending time with those you may only see once a year.

In our first episode of know before you go, we explore the light rail and the Houston theatre district!

Houston Video