“Human-created works must be respected”: 50 major music tech brands sign Principles for Music Creation with AI

July 10, 2024

Over fifty global music technology companies and associations have penned their support for Roland and UMG’s Principles for Music Creation with AI. Per the principles, the participating companies advocate for the responsible use of AI in music creation, to “protect the essence of music — its human spirit”.

BandLab TechnologiesSpliceBeatportFocusriteOutputLANDRWavesEventideNative InstrumentsNAMMSequentialOberheim and more have united in a bid to protect the rights of musicians as the industry sees an acceleration of generative AI tech. [Editor’s note: BandLab Technologies and MusicTech are both a part of Caldecott Music Group.]

The guidelines were established to encourage key figures in the music technology space to be mindful of the potential risks of AI. In a statement, AIformusic says that it’s crucial to responsibly manage the impact of machine learning tools and adhere to the Principles to ensure that the music industry is protecting the integrity of artists. Still, it adds, it acknowledges that AI can be an empowering tool for musicians and creators when applied with caution.

The statement continues to say that the alignment of music industry leaders “cannot be understated and plays an invaluable role in shaping a responsible future for AI in music creation.”

AIformusic also says it “strongly encourages” further organisations and brands around the globe to endorse the principles.

The seven Principles for Music Creation with AI are as follows:

  • “We believe music is central to humanity.”
  • “We believe humanity and music are inseparable.”
  • “We believe that technology has long supported human artistic expression, and applied sustainably, AI will amplify human creativity.”
  • “We believe that human-created works must be respected and protected.”
  • “We believe that transparency is essential to responsible and trustworthy AI.”
  • “We believe the perspectives of music artists, songwriters, and other creators must be sought after and respected.”
  • “We are proud to help bring music to life.”

BandLab Technologies CEO and co-founder Meng Ru Kuok says of the principles, “We are at a pivotal moment in the evolution of music creation. As leaders, it is our responsibility to thoughtfully ensure that AI supports artists and respects their creative integrity. As we develop new tools, we must remember that technology is at its best when it enhances, not overshadows, human creativity.”

Splice CEO Kakul Srivastava adds, “AI brings new opportunities to our industry and many musicians are being inspired by these tools. But this is a critical time to support responsibility around new technology and respect for the rights of creators everywhere. This is about the human at the center.”

“As with all technologies, the Focusrite Group desires to see AI become another toolset to further the creativity of artists vs. a threat to our industry,” said Focusrite PLC CEO Tim Carroll. “We are proud to support AI For Music and to do our part to help ensure this technology is used in a responsible manner.”

Earlier today, the RIAA announced that it had filed a lawsuit against AI music generation platforms Udio and Suno, with the plaintiffs including Sony Entertainment Music, Warner Records, and Universal Music Group. The lawsuit seeks damages of up to $150,000 for each piece of infringed work, and to stop the two AI companies from training on the label’s copyrighted songs.