Improve Your Skills in Houston

January 29, 2020

Makeup and hair, lighting, digital media, and projection are all offering up Labs & Studios at USITT 2020. Presented by USITT's various committees, Labs & Studios provide hands-on training and education in a small group setting. Sharpen your skills by participating in a studio or lab that enhances your career, or try your hand at something new! Check out our 2020 offerings, and keep an eye out for new selections to be added as we get closer to Conference. These labs and studios require advanced sign-up and have limited availability. Do not wait on these opportunities.

Interested in even more hands-on experiences at USITT 2020? Take a look at what Professional Development Workshops (PDWs) are on the roster this year! Please note, PDWs are extra-cost items and may require you arrive early to Houston.

Here is a sampling of Labs & Studios that will be offered in Houston. To view the FULL LIST of offerings and to sign up for our Labs & Studios, please click here. Please direct any questions to Karen Greenfield.

Makeup & Hair Artistry Studio

M&H Studio: Introduction to Airbrush Makeup

This hands-on session will cover the basics of product selection, equipment and equipment use.

  • What does one get for the money (an overview of compressor and guns)
  • Basic gun usage and free-hand technique
  • Color-use and layering
  • Sealing and setting
  • Basic product knowledge

M&H Studio: Preparing Your Talent to Wear a Wig

A tutorial on how to prepare and actor’s natural hair for wig-wear (preparation for wig-wear), including long and short lengths

  • Preparing men’s hair for wig-wearing (lace-front and not)
  • Methods for taming longer-hair lengths (braiding, twisting, pin, curls, etc.)
  • Methods for dealing with curly, course of think hair
  • Pinning the wig in place
  • Gluing the wig in place or techniques to deal with lace-front hairlines
  • Installing partial hairpieces into both long and short hair

M&H Studio: Cuts, Wounds, Bruises, and Other Easy-to-Build Moulage

Quick Application Techniques designed for far and close proximity use on stage and in training exercises, including burns, bullet holes, and scars both on the skin and with molds.

  • Skin Preparation
  • Latex-based moulage and Small Prosthetics
  • Limited-kit Gore
  • “Informing” gore through research
  • Representational bruises
  • Basic burns, abrasions, skin defects and penetrating trauma, bullet holes, and burns

See the full list of offerings for Makeup & Hair Artistry Studios

Lighting Studio

Lighting Studio

The lighting studio is an intimate, interactive space that allows the exploration of cutting-edge equipment. The studio consists of four small-scaled lighting setups each with a control console and several lighting units. Conference attendees will be able to reserve a time in the studio where they can explore on their own or attempt one of the lighting challenges provided by the Lighting Commission.

See the full list of offerings for Lighting Studios

Digital Media/Projection Studio

Digital Media/Projection Studio

The Digital Media studio is an intimate, interactive space that allows for the exploration of content creation and projection mapping. The studio consists of six content creation and projection stations, each with a control workstation, projectors, and objects/surfaces on which to map. Professionals will be on hand to answer questions about specific equipment and/or guide explorations. Walk-ins are welcome. A signup sheet will be available in the studio if attendees want to spend dedicated time exploring on their own or attempt a project provided by the Digital Media Commission.

See the full list of offerings for Digital Media/Projection Studios