Including Compensation Now Mandatory for JobsUSITT

October 29, 2020

This week USITT has made including compensation mandatory for all employment opportunities posted on JobsUSITT. The Institute has been studying this requirement for several years and believes that now is an important time to implement the change.

Job postings have always been free to search for members and non-members, but requiring salary information continues USITT’s commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion across the Institute. Transparency in compensation helps end discrimination against BIPOC workers, helps to end the gender wage gap, and fosters productivity throughout the industry.

The explanation for the new requirement for job posters reads as follows:

“In an effort to provide a more transparent experience for our members and users, USITT no longer accepts job listings that do not include specific information regarding minimum compensation for the position. All job listings appearing on JobsUSITT must include minimum compensation. If the position is a salaried or hourly position, the posting must clearly indicate a minimum pay rate. If it is to be compensated with a stipend or honoraria, the posting must clearly indicate the minimum amount of that payment. If it is a voluntary position, the posting must clearly state 'No Pay.' Job listings which seek to define compensation without including a numerical pay rate, unless there is no pay available for the position, will not be posted.”

Any new job posted on or after Oct. 29, 2020 is subject to the new requirement. We are grateful to all of those persons and institutions who post opportunities on JobsUSITT who are helping us end this detrimental practice.