International Activities Committee Working Group Votes

July 29, 2022

At the USITT22 in Baltimore, the International Activities Committee voted to form a working group to explore the possibilities of becoming a Commission.

During this time when the structure of USITT is being redefined, we wanted to become pro-active in determining our place in this structure. The working group invited Ashley Bellet, then Vice President for Commissions, to join our team and asked Carolyn Satter, Dan Culhane, and David Grindle each to attend a meeting to share their perspectives.

After the ensuing discussion among the members of the working group, we voted to remain a committee to retain our budget, to have direct access to the Executive Director, and to have flexibility in our structure.

All USITT members who are now or ever have been interested in International Activities are invited to join our Basecamp, meetings, and to participate in our projects.

Please contact Patrick Rizzotti to request access to our Basecamp to start your international adventure.