Join the USITT Student Chapter Discord Server!

November 18, 2020

The USITT Students Discord server is now open! The goal of this Discord is to create connections amongst student chapters, student members, and alumni who are engaged in the scope of technical theatre. In this Discord, you will find places to ask questions, make connections, and share information in a non-toxic, inclusive environment. You can ask questions about things like productions, projects, jobs, taxes, our virtual conference, what student life is like, how to start a student chapter, or even how to apply for unemployment.

  • Who can join?: This Discord server is open to USITT Student Chapter members, Student Members of USITT, and non-USITT members who are students and alumni.
  • Do I need any particular software?: You can download the Discord app on your phone or computer, or even access it through a web browser!
  • What about the Facebook group?: The Facebook group had a great run, but we're choosing to switch over to Discord.
  • Where do I sign up?:¬†Click here:¬†
  • What do I do when I join?: Introduce yourself, browse the channels, and enjoy a space to learn, grow, and connect!