Jumpstart Scenic and Set Design Workflows with Vectorworks

July 20, 2020

Want to learn how to use Vectorworks for scenic and set design? Vectorworks is offering a FREE course that covers everything you need to start bringing your ideas to life. They have created a 40-minute video course led by VW instructor, Frank Brault. This video course is aimed for a beginner level.

Explore how to use a tool such as Vectorworks in the scenic/set design studio. While focusing on the design process, they’ll also discuss methods, procedures, and workflows useful for accomplishing design problems. Discover a variety of scenic styles, massing and line study looks, and rendering and documentation techniques for fully utilizing the software to design scenery. Finally, examine presentation features in Vectorworks and powered by Vectorworks Cloud Services.

Course Information

  •     Presentation Suited For:  Entertainment Designers
  •     Instructor:  Frank Brault
  •     Time:  40 Minutes
  •     Skill Level:  Beginner

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About the Instructor

Frank Brault, senior entertainment technologist at Vectorworks, Inc., focuses on keeping Vectorworks entertainment design solutions at the forefront of the industry by investing in customer and industry advocacy. Brault has more than 30 years of experience in scenic and lighting design, software development, and training. Over the years, he has personally trained more than 2,000 Vectorworks users through seminars, onsite training, and one-on-one webinars. He also created the Theatrical Lighting Toolkit, which was the precursor to Vectorworks Spotlight, as well as the initial release of the Space Planning suite of functionality in the Architect application. He designed and largely coded the first version of the Vectorworks Landmark application. Brault is concurrently a faculty member of the Towson University Theatre Department where he teaches an independent study studio course.

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