KLVR Charger Pro: A 1 Unit Rack Mounted 48x AA Battery Charger For The AV Industry

April 15, 2024

Introducing the KLVR Charger Pro

KLVR, an audio technology company based in Oslo, Norway, is excited to introduce the KLVR Charger Pro. This high-tech, 1-unit rack-mounted battery charger, designed specifically for the high-end AV industry, can charge 48 AA Li-Ion 1.5V batteries (included with the purchase) simultaneously.

What is the KLVR Charger Pro

The KLVR Charger Pro is a groundbreaking rack-mounted AA battery charger that fits in a single rack unit. It can charge up to 48 cutting-edge 1.5V Li-Ion AA batteries, which are included with the product. This capacity allows you to charge 24 wireless microphones (or similar) per rack unit. Pre-orders are now available at klvr.no/charger-pro.

High-quality professional charger

The KLVR Charger Pro comes with two (1gbit/s - switched) connectors, IEC C13 for power in, and IEC C14 for power link/out. It also features a web interface that allows you to view your devices instantly, check battery levels, and determine when they will be fully charged.

Works with All your AA-Powered Devices

The KLVR Charger Pro, along with its batteries, is designed to power all AA-powered devices. This includes in-ear monitoring systems and wireless microphones from all brands, such as Shure, Sennheiser, AKG, and more.

The KLVR Charger Pro comes with 48 state-of-the-art 1.5V Li-Ion batteries included in the box.

KLVR Charger Pro

The KLVR Advantage over proprietary chargers

Unlike proprietary chargers from brands such as Shure and Sennheiser, the KLVR Charger Pro uses standard-size AA batteries. This makes it compatible with all your devices, regardless of brand, offering a more cost-effective and space-efficient solution.

Charging 24 AA compatible devices, like wireless microphones and in-ear receivers, with brands like Shure and Sennheiser would require 3 rack units. However, the KLVR Charger Pro only takes up 1 rack unit space, highlighting its superior space efficiency.

User-Friendly Interface

The KLVR Charger Pro features an intuitive interface that displays the estimated charging time for your batteries. It also provides real-time status updates for each battery (also indicated by LEDs inside the drawer).

Looking Forward

The KLVR Charger Pro is expected to begin shipping in Q1 2025. Before that, KLVR will showcase the product at trade shows, such as IBC 2024 in Amsterdam.

KLVR is actively seeking partnerships with distributors and dealers worldwide to broaden its global reach, and they are collaborating with distributors to determine the final price.

KLVR encourages all those interested to pre-order at klvr.no/charger-pro today to be first in line.