Last Call for Teachers Training for Scenic Painting with Cobalt Studios!

June 3, 2022

Join Cobalt Studios for Teachers Training for Scenic Painting! This is ONE SESSIONS over FIVE DAYS, July 4-8, 2022!

Format of the session

Course instruction is a minimum of 7 hours daily in class. Anticipate lively discussions over dinner. Otherwise spend time sitting on the front porch, browsing through the books, working in the studio, or going off to visit friends or the city (that’ll be New York City!). Evenings are unscheduled.

Throughout the sessions we will be working within the following framework: we will define what constitutes instruction needs. Participants will receive training combined with insight into how and what to teach in your circumstances. We will be learning the foundations and in many cases discussing how modern technology can be utilized to save time and money. Cobalt Instructors will share their teaching techniques, explaining why sequences are made up the way they are and discussing the parameters of project choices and assignments. There is an opportunity to receive Graduate Credits for this class from Southern Oregon University.

Topics to be Covered

  • Basics of painting from the tip of the brush to the bottom of the bucket!
  • Faux paint basics include wood, brick, and marble and stone as well as basic light and shadow.
  • Additional tips on texture creation and stencil techniques will be covered.
  • Scenic and Lighting design and their interactions with painting will also be discussed.

For all information including cost, application, what to bring, and more, click here!